Paul M. Breeden
Born: Millville, New Jersey ~ June 19, 1942

Paul has clearly blazed his nature-loving trail through four decades of a remarkable and increasingly prolific career.

Highly acclaimed for his luminous natural history illustrations, he is as well known for scientific accuracy as for his talent of giving life to stuffy subject matter, enlightening aspiring artists and inspiring all to care. His timeless, globally-published art, design and calligraphy dignify everything from magazine covers to best-selling books, postage stamps to T-shirts and his own powerful poetry.

Honoring Nature as the greatest artist of all, many of Paul's compositions seem imbued with "spirit", expressing his reverence for this Earth and the mystery of life. Well-studied in the historical arts, yet daringly innovative, he draws "new" ideas from the abstract insights of our earliest ancestry.

A move to Maine in 1983 led Paul, always a fine artist at heart, to devote his boundless energy, fertile imagination and wealth of self-taught expertise to several diverse series of genre works. A virtuoso, but new to the region's raw character, he took ten years before feeling ready to paint such grandeur with integrity. Now, truly knowing the rugged coast - by hiking lonely shores and clinging to perilous cliffs - he paints acrylics of such crisp atmosphere and distinctive style, you can feel the granite and smell the fresh sea air.

Awe-struck by even the tiniest detail, he also renders stunningly realistic depictions of organic found objects - transforming the once mundane into priceless wonders. Graced with evocative calligraphic flourishes, these meditative plates in water media and mineral colors on hand-made papers make us look closely too, then playfully fool the eye.

As a master stroke, to perfectly complement each creation, he hand-crafts all his frames from scratch, often recycling storm-tossed wood. As he sees it, since his work has been in the great halls of National Geographic and on the walls of the National Gallery of Art, it better look good.

Taking us along on his journey of discovery, with a touch of humor and a boyish sense of enthusiasm, Paul will continue to surprise us.