Ann L. Breeden
Born: Pittsfield, Massachusetts ~ January 22, 1945

Wading the clear mountain stream of her girlhood in the Berkshires, Ann discovered her passion early on. Classically trained, she is a genuine painter - a lover of life and the lives she so generously shares on her brilliant canvases.

Joyfully colorful and whimsically imaginative, her works have shown in exhibitions from Maine to Colorado and from Maryland to New Mexico. Ann's serene vision is so universally appealing, she has touched the hearts of collectors ranging from serious seniors to adoring young children.

Working primarily in oils, her style and palette are that of sunshine and good cheer. With her enchanting brush, she carries us on a rainbow to our golden moments of innocence and youth.

A brave mother of five home-birthed (now grown and equally talented) children, Ann paints the furred and feathered friends she knows as well as her own human family. A keeper of pet chickens and ducks and doves, and owned by cats and dogs, she tells their stories with sensitive, gentle strokes so all can share in the magic. Sheep and cows merrily strut their stuff in those peaceable landscapes we all hold so dear in our hearts and souls.

Evolved directly from her own exquisite pencil sketches and photos, Ann's pictures, as if lit from within, are honest, true and informed. Never the slap-dash artist, she treats each canvas with the attention to a rich finish as one would a jeweled crown. Her warm personality and humor sparkle in the eyes of the animals and glow in the petals of the flowers she treats with the dignity of royalty sitting for a portrait.